Styling Services For Students

If you are preparing for internships and/or nearing the end of your studies, and are beginning to set up interviews and fill out job applications, it is time to begin building your career wardrobe. How you present yourself visually is much more important than you realize. It can be the determining factor in whether you get the job offer, achieve & exceed your professional goals and more. Over 50% of communication is non-verbal (what you wear, your body language, etc.), and we are here to give you the tools necessary to start your career off on the right foot. Crafting your very own visual brand will allow you to elevate your professional identity through style in a way that feels both authentic to you & is also in line with the company's values.

Services offered but are not limited to:

Dress For Success: Creating your Interview look | What do you want people to know about you? How can your appearance help you gain confidence, stand out from the crowd and be memorable?

We will work together in person or virtually to build 3 complete looks, based on the position for which you are interviewing, what works best for your body type and your budget, which pieces to invest in, as well as determine what you can wear from your existing wardrobe.
1 hour mini closet edit
1 shoppable lookbook featuring items needed
1 hour session to curate looks
Price: $750

Career Core Wardrobe: We will work together to build the foundations of your career wardrobe, based on your specific needs, budget and workplace. We will teach you how to create multiple looks using a relatively small wardrobe. Outfits will be documented for reference going forward. This career wardrobe will establish your reputation & professional identity from day one.

*Mini closet edit- in person or via Zoom (1 hour client time commitment)
*Checklist of core pieces needed based on industry
*2 hour shopping session (online or in person) to fill in the gaps in the wardrobe
1 hour session to put together multiple looks
Price: $1000

We work with our styling clients to ensure they look the part keeping their lifestyle, style aesthetic & budget in mind. At the beginning of your career, you will most likely be working with clients or colleagues that make more money than you, and there are tips & tricks we share with our clients to ensure you present yourself in a polished, professional & confident way. We cannot wait to work together with you at this exciting time in your life!

Interested? Contact Alison to learn more, and book a free phone consultation! Services available in-person and remotely.

Here's a link to an episode on The Style That Binds Us podcast where our co-founders, mother daughter duo, Alison Bruhn & Delia Folk, talk about how to dress for success at work as you climb the corporate ladder.

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