How To Start A Podcast

Have you been wondering if you should start a podcast, but aren't sure how to make it happen? We're here for you! We are offer consulting services that take you through the ins & outs of podcasting. We work together to create a podcast that serves as a platform to achieve your goals.

After working with us, you have all the necessary steps to get started. We started The Style That Binds Us Podcast in April 2018 and know exactly what it feels like in the beginning. Our ultra-personalized approach is far from a cookie-cutter template. We are here for you every step of the way from pre-launch to launch and beyond.

The data shows that podcasting is becoming more & more popular, which reiterates the importance of getting into this space sooner rather than later. Check out this article in Forbes about the future of audio & this article in Vulture about trends in podcasting. Advertising dollars are growing in the podcasting space. The fact that companies like Spotify, Amazon and iHeartRadio are acquiring companies is notable, as they see the potential for podcasts and understand the importance of investing in the future. We would love to help you launch yours.

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