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Delia Folk works with brands on a consulting basis based on her experience working on the Barneys New York buying team in RTW, Beauty & Jewelry. She works with her consulting clients to create wholesale, direct-to-consumer and marketing strategies in order to achieve their company goals. The impact we have on our client's businesses is significant & long-lasting. The strategies & insights provided allow them to stand out in an extremely competitive market. Delia is a sought-after speaker, having spoken on panels & given masterclasses at American Fashion System with ISEM, the Independent Jewelry Summit, Voray and Flourish & Thrive Academy. She has also been asked to judge design competitions at NY NOW.

Brand Identity: We will craft your brand identity which includes a mission and vision statement as well as tagline. We will determine who your dream client is which will lead to establishing your brand voice. We will decide what your unique brand aesthetic will be to ensure you’ll stand apart in today’s crowded market. We will work together to create your very own recognizable “Brand World” that your customer will “step into” at any touchpoint they enter whether digitally or in-person.

Brand Audit: We will conduct an extensive review of your website, lookbook and linesheets, edit your collection and discuss pricing. This will ensure that your visuals are vetted, & your collection is streamlined, so that your brand is ready to pitch to stores. This section also makes sure you are putting your best foot forward with your direct-to-consumer strategy.

Store Meeting Prep: We will go through the important step of deciding which retail and specialty stores to focus on, so that you can make the best decision for partnerships. You will be given templates & checklists, so you know what information buyers need, both when you’re pitching to them via email & for an in-person meeting. We also discuss how to find the buyer’s contact information & the best ways to reach out to them. We will evaluate your pricing strategy to ensure the price value is aligned. There will be a mock meeting with feedback provided, along with presentation tips and post meeting strategies, so that you are fully prepared to impress at the actual event.

Wholesale Growth: We will create a growth strategy for your wholesale accounts. We will discuss timelines of when to launch new collections & how to build out your brand, based on top sellers. We will analyze selling reports and discuss suggestive reorders/transfers/swaps, with templates provided. We will also focus on event & activation ideas. We will review where you’d like your wholesale business to be and create an action plan of how to get there, so that you have a step-by-step guide to follow. The most successful wholesale partnerships happen when both the store & the brand take an active role, & after working together, you’ll have all the knowledge, tools & insights you need to achieve your wholesale goals.

Marketing Strategy: I will present a plan based on your target market (TM) for media outreach, influencers, celebrities & stylists along with social media campaign ideas. We will determine where your TM is both online & in-person and figure out how you can be there too. We will create a structure for your newsletter/blog with a goal of shareability & high open rates. We will also discuss strategies to grow your email list. We will determine which social media channels channels make the most sense for you & build a strategy per channel. Lastly, we will form a 360-degree marketing approach with discreet selling opportunities to generate sales & buzz for your brand.

Launch Strategy: This is for a company who is in pre-launch stage or wants to launch in a new market. For this section, I will present a plan based on your target market for media outreach, influencers, celebrities & stylists. We will also do the following:

•Determine where your TM is both online & in-person and figure out how you can be there too 

•Social media: discuss which channels make the most sense for you & build a strategy per channel 

•Create a structure for your newsletter with a goal of shareability & high open rates. Discuss strategies to grow your email list

•Form a 360-degree marketing approach with discreet selling opportunities to generate sales & buzz for your brand 

How To Prepare For A Tradeshow: During this section, we will craft your elevator pitch, discuss your display at the tradeshow, the assortment you’ll bring to best represent your brand, talk about mindset at the show & which tradeshows to attend. I’ll give you all the information you need on how to make the best of the tradeshow which includes what to do before, during & after the tradeshow.

Create A Lookbook & Linesheets: During our first meeting, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about creating a lookbook and linesheet: the structure & format they should have, what information to include in them as well as give you visual direction. Once you’ve compiled the lookbook & linesheet, I will review them and give feedback. After working together, your lookbook & linesheets will be ready to send to buyers

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Testimonials: "Louven connected with Delia, from The Style That Binds Us, because of her energetic and genuine approach to style. Delia has been instrumental in developing brand awareness for Louven. She thinks outside the box with ideas that are easily implemented using everyday tools for our brand. We enjoy working with her because of her positive and genuine qualities. Building a brand is about relationships and we've enjoyed that growth through our connection with Delia." - Koko 

"I absolutely loved working with Delia! She is a wealth of knowledge, motivating and enthusiastic. She gave me important pointers and valuable guidance which I wasn't able to find elsewhere. The information is detailed, but straight to the point and I received actionable steps to follow in order to actually move forward and continue to grow my business. Thank you, Delia!!" - Alice  

"You are so knowledgeable and helped me start to understand what I need to do if I’m going to proceed with my business. I am so impressed with you and the service you provide. I have spoken with many people over the past year; you are the first who has clearly outlined how to start a jewelry business and how to proceed. Thank you again for your time. I have a lot to think about and review." - Wendy  

"Working with Delia was an absolute pleasure! In just a few meetings with her, I learned what felt like an entire college course of invaluable knowledge and information on how to move forward with my business. She is warm, inviting, kind, and we shared a lot of laughs along the way! I’d highly recommend any emerging brand to work with her." - Natalie

  "I first met Delia Folk when I had a meeting at Barneys in 2017. Her sweet and genuine energy has kept us in touch over the past few years. Now that my jewelry brand is at an emerging point, I knew Delia would be the best person to contact as I saw she offered brand consulting for designers. I was confident her experience at Barneys on the buying team would give me the extra help I needed in figuring out the fine details to help my brand get to the next level. During our brand audit, Delia gave me great advice from creating a cohesive brand to building a social media presence. She really studied my brand and brought ideas to the table that I had not thought about prior to our meeting. I am already seeing the positive affects of her advice and I am so excited for our next session! I highly recommend her as a consultant if you are looking to grow as a designer. Thank you, Delia!!" - Selina  

"Delia is a very committed, diligent and a knowledgeable person to work with. She was extremely generous with her time in addressing all my queries, some of which went beyond the scope of the engagement. The packages are very well structured and are a good tool for businesses assessment and strategic planning." - Hina 

“We were very impressed with Delia’s thoroughness and professionalism. The program was incredibly well-planned and targeted to our needs. Delia was amazing. Her knowledge and delivery were excellent. Everyone in our company came away with a greater skill set. Our experience was outstanding. Before the training session, Delia spent several hours learning our processes and procedures so she could tailor the course materials and presentation to our specific needs. The result: a training session that covered exactly what we needed. Delia is instantly responsive and takes a personal interest in the brands that she consults. Worth every penny!” - Ally & Albina  

"I first heard Delia's name on a podcast and reached out to her for advice concerning my emerging jewelry line. She was in touch with me immediately and we scheduled a call. After completing the Brand Audit with Delia I had more clarity on what direction to move in and some action steps to take to get me there! It was really helpful to have such a knowledgeable person to ask all of the questions that I'd been unable to answer on my own. She's also great about continually checking in and maintaining a connection. All in all a great experience!" - Lily 

"I consulted Delia for her experience and expertise on social media and website development to expand my brand presence. Delia was so encouraging and I came away from our meeting energized and excited to implement her suggestions which quickly led to a 25% increase in my instagram following! Delia is the real deal - she loves every aspect of fashion industry and she loves empowering women to grow their businesses." - Kathleen 

“It was a great experience. Delia enabled & coached us and has given us the keys to engage and contact our potential customers asking the right questions, but also giving the most accurate answers and learning the best formulas to get new retailers. Delia’s work has definitely made a significant difference to our business.” - Gabriela 

“When we scheduled our Brand Audit with Delia, we didn’t know what to expect. Our time together exceeded any preconceived expectation and gave us a clearer perspective on how to develop our fine jewelry brand in the most advantageous way. Delia showed us how to merchandise our pieces in order to tell the best story and what to expect from our target retailers. Her fresh, yet experienced eye was just what we needed. Her insight into how we could best position our styles and pricing to meet our goals was enlightening.I would absolutely recommend a Brand Audit for any designer who would like to ensure they are on the best path to grow their fine jewelry line." -Liz

"I loved working with Delia on my branding efforts for my jewelry business. I had a sense of my mission and vision and who my customer was, but through our time working together, I was able to hone in on these key aspects of my brand. It was immensely helpful and I look forward to working with Delia again" -Chrissy

"What an adventure working with The Style That Binds Us has been for my accessory brand. Delia's knowledge of the fashion industry was just the perspective that we needed. Her advice in the brand audit was invaluable and really showed us what we needed to do in order to expand our wholesale business.  We loved working with Delia and her enthusiasm is infectious." - Amina

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